About us

Every great story starts with a packed car and a road trip and ours is no different.

North American Standards (NAS) is a property management and rental company based in Playa del Carmen, México. Our story goes back to Boston, Massachusetts.

Matt Weatherbee and Allan Lockhart are the proud owners of NAS. They started this company together back in the US. Little did they know a trip to Mexico would change their lives.

Playa del Carmen came to them as a spring vacation and on that fateful trip, Playa took them in.  Playa is one of those unique places in the world where if you are on your right self, paradise becomes you.

Nowadays, It’s not strange to say that when Matt is asked “Why did you choose Playa?” his immediate response is: “Playa chose me”.

Mexico being a beautiful country with different ecosystems and stunning landscapes it is no surprise that the Mexican Caribbean is Paradise on Earth, but there’s more.

Playa del Carmen started out as a small fishermen’s town by the sea. Little by little the word spread about this gorgeous place and tourism started growing fast.

A couple of decades later Playa became a world class destination, restaurants, bars and hotels could barely satisfy the high demand. The place flourished in a very interesting way.

What makes Playa different from any other similar destination in the world?

Playa is a young city, no more than 40 years ago there were only palapas and bungalows. The city has grown since then with and identity influenced by different cultures from all around the world.

Set apart from its colossal neighbor, Cancun, Playa developed a unique eco-friendly style with a lot of that ´small-town-European feel´.

Influenced by the best of every new resident and their culture, Playa developed a cosmopolitan identity with a powerful positive energy.

Every newcomer feels the vibe of this place and even if it is only for a second, all of them want to stay here forever.

For Matt & Allan this was an unexpected surprise. Playa took them in so naturally as if it was meant to be. Their experience was so intense that before their trip ended they had already made a life-changing decision…

Back in the U.S. and without hesitation they decided to sell everything and within the next 3 months they were ready to start a new life.

As stated at the beginning of our story, North American Standards started with a packed SUV and an amazing 4,500 miles road trip ahead from Boston leading up to the final destination, their Mexican paradise: Playa del Carmen.

Because Playa!

Playa is a friendly, energetic, eco-friendly, organic and gorgeous city by the sea. It is unique in every way possible, it’s a place where peace and freedom merge with the Caribbean blue.

We are a company that became a family and we love what we do, that’s the reason why we created this special Blog, to share with everyone what an amazing place to be is Playa.