There are a lot of investment opportunities out there. Making the choice to invest in real estate is a good idea but it always raises the questions where and when? Thankfully the Mexican Caribbean has heard your prayers and answers both questions with: Riviera Maya, Now!


For the past couple of decades Cancun and Riviera Maya have been the most important tourist destinations in México. The infrastructure and services have evolved so much and so rapidly that cities like Playa del Carmen and Tulum have become world class destinations.


The fastest growing city in Latin America

The success of the tourism industry, the privileged geographic location, the quality of the services and infrastructure, the logistics and transportation, the cultural and social events and the safety make the Riviera Maya the number one destination for the generation of new business in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Playa del Carmen is one of the most important cities of the Riviera Maya. Its unique style has enchanted millions of tourists.  Playa has become the home of many tourists that fell in love with this paradise, turning it into a cosmopolitan city.

Recently Playa del Carmen has consolidated its position as a world-class destination attracting domestic and foreign investors.

Getting your own piece of paradise has been the dream of many, and real estate developments started to make dreams come true. Condominiums, houses and mansions have started to emerge throughout the city and now more than ever is the time to be a part of it.

Why Riviera Maya?

The Mexican Caribbean is recognized as the 1st Mexican tourism destination, as well as the most relevant tourism destination in the Caribbean, beating the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

It has the most modern and functional international airport in Latin America and the Caribbean where you get better connections to the major international markets allowing timely exchange of goods, supplies and services.

Riviera Maya is the most important commercial, financial, industrial and logistic center in the southeast of Mexico.

Playa del Carmen is certified by the World Tourism Organization as one of the towns with greater tourist development and the most modern infrastructure at international level.

10,634,681 tourists flocked last year to this destination. The foreign touristic revenue of this area represents Mexico’s 40% of the total revenue generated.

As a tourist attraction Riviera Maya has it all: a large ecological reserve, more than 20 archaeological zones, 450 km of beaches bordered by the turquoise sea, the second world largest coral reef, more than 16 golf courses of international recognition and with over than 20,000 boutiques and shops several theme parks and more to come.


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