Visiting the Mexican Caribbean without enjoying a couple of drinks would be a sin.  Most of us picture ourselves at the beach with a cold margarita or at a bar enjoying exotic cocktails.


Playa del Carmen lives up to most everyone’s expectations. Gorgeous rooftop bars, small European-style pubs and amazing beach clubs will make you want to stay here forever.

We love Playa and we want to share it with you. There are hundreds of bars worth mention but we have come up with a list of our pick of top bars around the city.



This is definitely one of the best bars in Playa del Carmen. Located on the roof of the Thompson hotel on 5th Avenue, and the now world famous Calle Corazón, this is definitely one of the most glamorous places in town.

The bar is open to the public and also has two restaurants located at each end of the roof.

It also has a pool overlooking 5th avenue, other rooftops and a great view of the island of Cozumel. This is the only rooftop that provides a 180 degree view of the city and the beach.

The upbeat electronic/lounge music lets you enjoy a nice talk in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The drinks menu offers a wide variety of classic cocktails and also some original cocktails exclusive to the Thompson Rooftop Bar.



A friendly place, for sure. Located on 1st avenue between 10th and 12th street, Dirty Martini has been in Playa since we can remember. This place is the second house to many locals, expats tourists and returning tourists.

It’s cozy and it has the funky classy European style, maybe a big reason why it’s so unique.

There are several signature cocktails but one of the most requested is the Cucumber Martini. If martinis are not your thing you could also find the traditional cocktails and drinks.

The atmosphere is a great part of what makes Dirty Martini so welcoming to everyone. The music ranges from Jazz, blues to country, rock and pop.

The Service is also great, and if you are a repeat customer the staff will probably call you by your name and recognize you and your favorite drink!



This is another of our long time runners here in Playa. El Diablito is located on the corner of 12th street and 1st avenue, right in the middle of the best nightclubs area.

El Diablito is both a restaurant and a bar, offering signature cocktails and superb gourmet food.

The atmosphere is funky, retro with a touch of Mexican style. The music is great to start a great night out, eating something and having a couple of cocktails before hitting the club.




Of course we needed to bring up a bar by the beach.  Zenzi is simply one of the best!

The first thing you’ll notice about this place is that everyone is happy. Maybe it has to do something with it being by the beach, but once you step in you’ll probably want to stay there.

Zenzi combines the best of the Mexican Caribbean feel with indoor seating and great outdoor accommodations on the sand, great service and delightful drinks.

A big plus is the live music that ranges from rock, jazz, pop and blues. They have something for every taste.

By the middle of the night you’ll just want to kick off your shoes and feel the sand at your feet, maybe even dance a little.



One of the nicest bars on 5th avenue. Almirante Pech has a tropical Mexican tavern style that will make you look twice while walking by 5th avenue.

Almirante is Restaurant & Bar, perfect for a nice evening or starting your night out. It offers signature dishes and cocktails with very high ratings on Trip Advisor.

The whole atmosphere is delightful. Located on the corner of 5th avenue and 30th street, below the Live Aqua Hotel, offering a unique outdoor experience.

The service is great, the type you would expect from a signature restaurant, but with a more relaxed style.

The music perfectly fits the design and successfully gives that “Playa del Carmen” feel that you’ll remember forever.


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