Playa del Carmen is a young city; it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. But before it became a world-class destination, Playa used to be a fishermen’s town that sustained a local community, a small village hidden from the eyes of the world. Playa turned out to be a gorgeous place that gives us so much and we want to start giving back.



The local communities in the Riviera Maya are the hardworking class that makes tourism happen. From backstage to direct customer service the local community gives so much to tourists and foreigners living in Playa.


Playa’s Backgrounds

Back in 1996 Playa del Carmen was already a small touristic destination; it was an alternative for Cancun. The population in the area barely surpassed 10,000 inhabitants.

By 2003 Playa had 50,000 inhabitants, mostly from people coming in from other parts of the country filling in for the high demand. 


The numbers were growing faster; by 2010 the population was around 160,000 inhabitants. This means that every year about 14,285 people came to live here, about 39 people per day. 

The population in 2016 was estimated around 228,186 inhabitants.


Education in the Caribbean

The local communities were isolated from most of the basic services common in other cities in México. This part of the country was not very accessible and locals here managed to live as many other small towns still do in the area.

Education is not strong in the south of the country, many small communities struggle to have access to the basic education.

When the Riviera Maya started to develop and Playa became a well know touristic destination infrastructure for both tourists and residents was built. Basic services came in to provide the residents with the needs common to any other city.

Schools were built; the local communities had access for the first time to proper basic and superior education that is now giving them the tools necessary for a better lifestyle.



Giving Back

We as a company know that kids are the future and that education is the most important part of their development.

Our local communities in Playa del Carmen are part of us, we work together to provide the best service and we have grown to be a big family; and as families do we support each other.

This season we decided to give the first step towards giving back to the community by sponsoring a local school’s football team.

We believe sports are an important part of the development of every child and by giving them the opportunity to participate in this local tournament we encourage them to canalize their energy towards positive activities.

These children will be the future generation that will take care of this gorgeous paradise that is Playa and it is important for us that they grow up to be adults that care about health, the environment and the wellbeing of both residents and tourists.


As Playa Del Carmen continues developing, so does the quality of life for everyone living here. Every new resident, company or enterprise that arrives to the city realizes how beautifully this place has developed and wants to give back a little to our community.





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