When the sun goes down and you get over the gorgeous sunset, nightlife in the Mexican Caribbean takes over.  Those bars and nightclubs you saw on your afternoon walk are coming to life, and the lights, music and colors take to the streets. There’s something here for almost everyone’s tastes and needs to have a little fun.


Restaurants & Bars

Dinning is for sure an important part of the night here in the Mexican Caribbean.  5th Avenue is filled with a variety of international cuisines: Indian, Italian, Mexican, Argentinian – you name it.

Located across the city most of the best restaurants offer a unique environment, some of them may be located inside a natural cave, built within the jungle or on the rooftop of a hotel.


Bars are no different from any restaurant in design and location. They make the perfect combination between appetizers, drinks and music making you feel like the night is not long enough.

One of the best features of Playa del Carmen is that everything is within a 5-minute walk.  After you’ve just finished dinner and are in the mood for some drinks in a cozy local you just need to walk down the cosmopolitan 5th Avenue to search for a new place to have a couple of drinks before hitting the nightclub.


Nightclubs, of course.

You need to show off your tan, and what a great place to do it than a nightclub?


Nightclubs in the Riviera Maya come in a wide variety; from electronic music to salsa we are sure you’ll find your place.

Most of the nightclubs are open to the street so you can see all the people walking by and partying in the clubs across the streets. 

Some of the most exotic clubs have a climax point where they use special effects, confetti, lights, lasers or any other visual aid to boost that party mood.

In Playa del Carmen some new type of clubs have surfaced and we love them: Roof Tops!

Roof top clubs and bars offer a very nice and unique environment, overlooking the city lights and streets, the ocean and a view of the Cozumel Island.

The Thompson Hotel Roof Top is one of the nicest places in Playa del Carmen. Built in the heart of 5th Avenue, it has an amazing view.



Night Shows

 Yes, that’s right, there are also night shows Las Vegas style. Every evening there are night shows around the city that will make you fall in love with Mexico and remember the 80’s or even enjoy a nice dinner with champagne while watching a Cirque Du Soleil performance.


The Coco Bongo

This famous nightclub is well known for delighting its guests with a variety of musical shows smartly distributed within the dancing blocks to keep their guests both dancing and entertained.

The show varies from night to night but you can find stunt performances, acrobatics, special effects, dance choreography, movie reprises, and much more. 

There are several shows performed a night so you can watch for example the Michael Jackson show, then some dance music with balloons and confetti, then the Spider-man show, following Beetle Juice, The Mask, 300, and many more.


Xcaret Final Show

You may you have heard of or visited this gorgeous theme park located in Playa del Carmen. It is a certainly a must see during your vacations as it has a wide variety of entertainment options.

 As if all the attractions within the park were not enough, this place has a surprise for every guest when the sun starts coming down. Their huge theater hosts the closing show for the night.

The show is a gorgeous representation of the Mexican History from the Mayans to the Independence, going through the different types of culture, music and dance of every state in the country. 

The show is the perfect closure for a whole day spent in a theme park that transforms the Mexican paradise into an unforgettable experience.


Cirque Du Soleil

As if it was not enough, Cirque du Soleil arrived to the Riviera Maya with it’s unique show designed specifically for the Mexican Caribbean. 

The gorgeous theater built like a huge palapa gives the guest the experience of a great and beautiful show within the jungle.

One of the greatest things of this show is that you can enjoy a nice dinner with champagne as the theater is beautifully built and designed to make it possible.

Cirque Du Soleil is for sure an amazing ride of the senses and that combined with the Mexican Caribbean feel inside the jungle is just too much to miss.

The beach is one of the main features of the Riviera Maya during the day, but when the night arrives and the lights shine bright in the heart of the city every bar, restaurant, nightclub and show take on the stage to give you the entertainment of your life.


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