If you have been to Mexico before perhaps you are familiar with the culture, but as it happens with many other countries, everything changes from north to south.


It is no secret that Mexico is a rich country. It has a wide variety of ecosystems that goes from huge deserts to amazing jungles. Mexico’s culture has an unique identity and it breaks into many other small customs and traditions that change depending on which part of the country you are.


The south of Mexico

The south part of the country is rich in vegetation. Jungles dominate most part of the south and the tropical weather makes it extremely attractive for tourists.

This part of the country has been a touristic destination for a long time but in the Caribbean, the Riviera Maya is very young. Cancun was founded in 1970, by then, it was the only destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Riviera Maya started developing when Cancun was already a World Class destination.


The Riviera Maya

One thing you need to know is that Cancun is not part of the Riviera Maya, this district of cities and towns located in the coastline of the state of Quintana Roo constitute a large expansion of resorts, hotels, small cities and towns that all together conform this worldwide famous place.

The most famous destinations within the Riviera Maya are Playa del Carmen and Tulum, but you can also find towns like Akumal and Puerto Morelos.

Riviera Maya was formerly known as Corredor Cancun-Tulum but it was not until all of this small places started to develop that the government decided to change the name to Riviera Maya, to give the place it’s own identity.


Playa del Carmen

A couple of decades ago, Playa del Carmen was just a fishermen’s town, it was a secret beach for adventurous tourists visiting Cancun. You had to know someone to know how to get there.

At first, Playa had that small town feel with a touch of paradise that made it almost impossible for the word not to spread. All eyes then turned to this area and tourists were more confident to leave the comfort of their hotels and come visit this gorgeous place.

As years went by, playa started to grow. Huge investors turned they eyes to this place and a new type of tourism was born. People were already familiar with Cancun, it’s huge hotels and services but this was completely different.

Not everyone is looking for all the services and amenities of a resort, some people prefer to be connected with nature and that was the concept that made Playa a unique place.

The city grew inevitably, big hotels were developed with world-class services and amenities but always keeping that natural feel. The streets were paved but remained narrow and small, commercial spots opened and kept the small town feel, restaurants and bars were built within the jungle, building around trees and water ponds.

Now days Playa del Carmen has all the services any world class destination needs and more. It is considered the fastest growing city in the world, real estate started developing a couple of decades ago and Playa was more than ready for the boom of vacation rentals.

Playa is still a beautiful small town, with everything almost at a walking distance or a couple of minutes drive. It is the perfect place to live a relaxed life without giving up the comfort most of us are used to.

The locals, both national and international, have brought something of their culture with them and shared it with the community making Playa a place that cares about nature, health, flora & fauna, and the wellness of the mind.


Now you know. If one day you feel the need for a change, permanent or temporal, this is a great option for you, a young and gorgeous place that developed taking into account the good things we have learned along the way, turning this place into a real and complete paradise.






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