Turquoise blue water and miles of white sand beaches certainly make the Riviera Maya a perfect destination to spend your vacation.  Nevertheless, the Rivera Maya has much more to offer to keep you entertained and happy day and night.


Riviera Maya is packed a variety of activities, destinations and entertainment for all ages. From theme parks to night shows, it’s ready to make your vacation unforgettable.


Theme Parks

Some of the biggest and strongest attractions in the Riviera Maya are the several theme parks with an eco-touristic design. Built within the jungle, these parks offer a unique experience.

Xcaret is the name of the main theme park and also the name of the company that runs them all. This company built its first park taking advantage of nature’s gorgeousness and making it accessible to everyone.

Xcaret is a park that offers activities such as underground river swimming, hiking, colonial villa, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, diving, fast boat riding and many more.

The park combines the activities with cultural experiences such as a Mayan Villa with special live performances, a greenhouse to explore different types of vegetation in the Caribbean region, a butterfly preservation center, a unique type of zoo, an aquarium, pottery and other handcraft classes.

Apart from all the fun, the park has many restaurants, food trucks, snack bars, drink bars and huge shops to fulfill everyone’s wishes and dreams.

This park marked the first of it’s kind, offering visitors from all around the world the opportunity to experience nature in a unique way, a perfectly designed adventure park for all ages.


Xcaret has now 4 additional all-inclusive theme parks that offer unique and different experiences:



This park is an extreme adventure park with activities such as a very long jungle zip line, a jungle ATV ride, wall climbing, underground river swimming, kayaking and much more!



The Mayan name of this park means “Where the water is born” which is perfect as the main attraction of this park is precisely that, the water.  The best way to explain this park is as a natural, gorgeous and huge fish tank where you can swim, dive and snorkel with thousands of colored fish, rays, turtles and dolphins. Restaurants and resting areas make this place the perfect place to connect with nature the best way possible.




Recreating the original Xochimilco experience from Mexico City, this park offers a ride on board of a trajinera through several canals while enjoying traditional music, tastings of Mexican cuisine and the classic tequila toast.



The newest addition to this family of parks. Test your mind and senses with different activities in the air, water and enclosed environments. Mind blowing scenarios, zip lines and perspective constructions will blow your mind away.



If what you are looking for is a more direct and clean connection with nature, this is the best way to get it. Xenotes is a special tour that will take you to unveil four different types of cenotes near Cancun. A certified guide will accompany you through different activities in each cenote. Enjoy similar activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, zip line, swimming and relaxation in a much more natural environment.



Upcoming Attractions

Riviera Maya is just getting ready, this is one of the favorite and youngest destinations in the world and the best is yet to come!

Dreamworks recently announced the construction of two of their theme parks here and that will bring a taste of the classic amusement park Riviera Maya style.

Dreamworks Dream Park & Thrill Park will offer visitors two different experiences being the first and enclosed and air conditioned environment recreating the world of the movies and the second park will be an outdoors park with roller coasters, haunted mansions and a pipeline.



Don’t miss out!

Whether you are staying in a hotel or a property rental don’t forget to contact your concierge to get all the information and assistance you need to book your adventures and make your vacations an unforgettable experience.


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