5 Upcoming Events in Playa del Carmen to Add Spice to Your Vacation

The Riviera Maya is filled with events throughout the year to help make your vacation unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling during the summer or over New Year’s, there is something always going on.

2016 is almost over but we bring to you a list of 5 events to help kick off 2017.


The BPM Festival

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the BPM festival is one of the most expected events in Playa del Carmen.

From January 6th to the 15th the streets of the city are filled with beautiful bodies from a myriad of cultures around the globe coming to welcome the new year.

This festival hosts the best DJ and performers from all around the world in an electronic music festival.

DJ’s like John Digweed, TIGA, Sasha and Marco Carola merge with the Caribbean blue, the white sand and toned bodies to create this world-class event.  

The BPM splits into daytime and nighttime events hosted by different record labels across several venues in Playa del Carmen, including beach clubs, night clubs, and even an underground restaurant.



The Arena Festival

Just around the corner comes the Arena Festival for the Gay & Lesbian community where the music and party get mixed with the turquoise paradise. 

This international festival is celebrated from February 1st to 6th 2017 in Playa del Carmen and brings together the gay & lesbian community in an electronic house party event. 

Arena is celebrating its 6th anniversary next year and thousands of attendees are expected from all around the globe.

This event will host the best house DJ’s from the LGBT community around the world, top talents like Isaac Escalante, Renato Cecin, Carlos Gallardo, Binomio, Abel (just to name a few) make the Arena Festival a perfect winter getaway in one of the most spectacular beach locations on the planet.



Playa del Carmen loves cultural expression and Carnival comes in February to satisfy the high demand. Locals and tourists can enjoy this special Brazilian-inspired carnival. 

This special event is celebrated in the heart of the city and you can enjoy a parade of color, bejeweled bikinis and feather accompanied by bongo drummers and decorative floats.

This is a family friendly event where you can find dancers, acrobats and upbeat Caribbean music, something you wouldn’t miss for the world. 



The Spring Equinox

This worldwide phenomenon takes a special twist here in the Riviera Maya as our ancestors took a very deep interest in the movement of the stars and the sun and created amazing pyramids in their honor, now ruins of an ancient civilization. 

The equinox is a special celebration that takes place at Chichen-itzá with the Kukulkan Pyramid as the principal attraction.

On March 20 2017 the spring equinox will take place and the pyramid will perform a special spectacle designed by the Mayans where you’ll be able to witness the descent down the pyramid of the feathered serpent. This means the sun will cross the sky at a specific point where the pyramid will cast a shadow simulating the movement of the huge stone serpent heads at the bottom of the pyramid.

It is said that the energy this pyramid casts during this special holiday is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives.


 The Wine & Food Festival

What would be the best opportunity to pamper your senses by experiencing this festival during your vacations. The wine and food festival takes place from the 15th to the 18th of March in Riviera Maya, bringing you the opportunity to taste and drink the best of the best.

During the course of four days, Cancun and the Riviera Maya will host the world’s best chefs, including Enrique Olvera and Mikel Alonso. These culinary masters will give lectures, cooking demonstrations, wine tastings and other activities.

Furthermore, enjoy fine dining tastings of traditional Mexican drinks such as Mezcal. Also participate in gastronomic tours of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya.



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